Tori & Guy’s engagement session at the amazing Kinver Edge Rock Houses

If there’s one thing I really like it’s getting out of London. Don’t get me wrong, I love the big smoke, but going to someone else’s back yard opens up a whole world of locations to take amazing photos I never knew existed. Talking to Guy and Tori about their engagement shoot, Guy sent me the following:

“In close proximity to the church where we are getting married there are number of caves, former dwellings carved into sandstone known as “rock houses” and a cliff face overlooking a national forest which was the location where I proposed, so we would like to go back there.” 

My reply was simply, “Oh my god. Yes. That sounds absolutely amazing!” And oh my God. Yes. It was absolutely amazing.

As I trundled up the M40 the weather wasn’t looking that amazing, but we got away with it, and our reward was some amazing, brooding skies. After meeting with Tori and Guy we jumped into the car and made our way over to these fabled “rock houses”. We parked up and huffed and puffed our way up the hill (talking and up-hill walking is never a great combo) until the trees suddenly opened out and I was presented with the most amazing view. The spot where Guy proposed. No wonder she said yes. (That and Guy is legend).

From there we spent the next hour or so, well, mostly laughing. But you leave these two together for a short while and stop interrupting and you quickly see how much they mean to each other.

It was such a blast to spend time with these guys and I can’t wait to do it all over again on their wedding day.

Below is a small sample from their final engagement shoot.

[This set was edited to the new Perfume Genius album. It’s really very good. This video is mad.]

10 Comments on “Tori & Guy’s engagement session at the amazing Kinver Edge Rock Houses”

  1. Parri you are the best! We had such an amazing time and you captured our special place so perfectly! We can’t thank you enough!!! X

  2. Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple, can’t wait for photos of ‘The Big Day’

  3. Really lovely photographs capturing this special time perfectly. Love you both. Grannie and Pops xxx

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