Tips for your engagement shoot

So, you’re going to have your photo taken. By a professional. Possibly in public. Ho-lee-smokes!

Don’t panic! THE LIFE ROMANTIC is here to give you all the tips you need to make your engagement shoot be the best day ever (until you get married of course).

It’s all about the expectation

Nerves? That’s not knowing what to expect. Kick nerves in the nuts with this handy run down of how an engagement shoot usually goes down.

After we meet we’ll probably head out to walk and chat for about 15 or so minutes before we start shooting so we can get to know each other a bit better. Once we start shooting, I’ll be directing you and getting you into poses. It’s going to be really awkward (just kidding).

If you’re nervous, you don’t need to be. I’m not expecting you to show up and know every pose in the book. I’ll help you out! You will very rarely hear any actual “Hand up a bit, down a bit, left a bit STOP THERE!!!” directing from me. You get your most natural and comfortable looking photos when you’re, well, at your most comfortable and natural. You’re more likely to hear me say something like “Wrap her up like it’s the first time you’ve seen her in a week” or “Hold onto his arm like it’s a really cold day” than set you up like a couple of mannequins.


Location can often be the hardest part of your engagement shoot. Finding that one perfect spot. Here’s a handy dandy list to help you zone in on the perfect place:
– Somewhere that means something to the two of you. (First date, proposal spot etc.)
– A place you just love to spend time and relax.
– Somewhere you think is just hands down spectacular to look at.
– Your happy place; the spot where you’re at your most comfortable.

You can tick one or many of those boxes, but hopefully that’s got the cogs turning. Be it a beach, city, park or even just ‘somewhere that looks cool’, we’ll get awesome shots wherever we end up.


On the day we’ll take a wander around and find some great spots to get some even greater photos and get you nice and comfortable in front of the camera. It’s all practice for the big day.

Even though “I don’t do poses”, there’s always a bunch of go-to scenarios I like to go through that always work really well. And guess what? I’m going to share them with you right here (possibly breaking some sort of photographers’ code here). You can even practice them at home if you want!

The wrap up

This one is super easy. Get behind your significant other and wrap them up with your arms. From there you can look to each other, rest your heads together and generally get cosy. It’s a super simple way to get a load of great photos from one ‘pose’.

The Whisper

This one is basically a variation on the wrap up. Two for the price of one! I’ll get one of you whisper something in the ear of the other. Hey, whatever it is you want to whisper? That’s no business of mine. Just try to get a reaction. 😜

The Lift

No no no, not THE lift. Just a nice little lift; pull them in close. Failing that, running starts are always encouraged.

The carry

Just like the lift – but a carry. I really do like a 2-4-1 (and a BYOB).

The arm

Hold on to that arm like your life depends on it! Not really… this is just a really nice simple one. Just by simply wrapping yourself up in your partner’s arm we can get loads of little variations. Sometimes I won’t even include the action in shot, it’s just a great way of getting you to relax with each other.

The hipster

My personal favourite and possibly the easiest of the bunch. Literally just stand next to each other for that instant give-a-f*ck attitude. There are a million tweaks to this one.

The lie down

Another easy one. Really, though. What’s easier than lying down?

The linger

Kiss? On camera? Gross! Well, maybe. I’m more of a linger fan myself. The tension before the kiss is where it’s at. Sometimes it results in a big ol’ smooch, sometimes fits of laughter. Either is a winner if you ask me.

To wrap up*

So there you have it. Engagement shoots. Easy right? Really though, they are.

It’s all about getting you both to A) have a totally wicked couple of hours, B) get some awesome shots of you both so you’re the envy of your friends and C) make sure that on the big day you’re a couple of pros.

*For those of you paying attention, that was a poor attempt at a pun.