Lucy and Simon’s beautiful Cotswolds engagement session

You remember way back in 1996 Alanis Morissette wailed It’s like raaaaiiiiin on your wedding day“? Well, she didn’t think about raaaaiiiin on your engagement shoot day did she? Fortunately, engagement sessions are a little more flexible than wedding days and, seeing as the weekend we planned was wetter than an otter’s pocket, we just rescheduled for the next weekend. Simple. And boy what a weekend. Hottest day of the year, anyone?

Simon and Lucy aren’t from the Cotswolds but it’s a place that’s special to them — it’s where Simon proposed and will also host their big day — so we jumped in the car to drive west and found ourselves at the incredible Cranham Woods. At this time of year it’s lush with greenery and underfoot is a carpet of bluebells.

It was such a joy to meet and shoot with Lucy and Simon. I can not wait to get back to the Cotswolds later this year to join them on their amazing day. Here’s a few sneak peeks from their engagement session.

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