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The Life Romantic is born from a love weddings, photography, wedding photography and Wes Anderson – hence the name.

It’s not about making your wedding look like an awkward indie film with a strong sense of typography, but the ethic is the same. It’s about approaching your day with an alternative eye. For too long, wedding photography has followed a strong sense of tradition with posed shots, bad editing and everyone looking way too serious. Nah, you’re alright. Your wedding is going to be awesome, so let’s capture that.

I am near you?

The Life Romantic is based in North London. I’ll shoot your wedding pretty much anywhere if you want me to, but I’m obviously most suited to working in and around London.


The Life Romantic is Mathew Parri Thomas (just Parri is fine – a lot of Mathews about). When I’m not shooting weddings in the sunnier months of the year I mostly work in and around the hair and music industry, shooting live music and portraits for record companies, magazines and websites and imagery for hair brands like Tangle Teezer and Balmain (amongst other things).

If you’re sold on all that and want to chat, drop me an email on parri@theliferomantic.co.uk or give me a call on 07714105954.